Ballistic Clipboard

Always at Hand

Developed by request for local law enforcement agencies the ballistic clipboard provides protection where you need it most – by your side. Designed to be always available the clipboard is there when you need it, not in the trunk, not 20 minutes away. For routine traffic stops, first responders, or serving a warrant, the clipboard provides discrete protection at all times.

Designed to exceed NIJ IIIA specifications the clipboard has undergone extensive testing to ensure it performs. From a standoff distance to point blank, hot and cold, the clipboard provides multi-hit protection against 9mm, .357, .40, and .44 mag rounds. Most importantly, this protection is available in an ergonomic design that weighs under 2.0lbs.

  • NIJ IIIA protection
  • Multi hit performance
  • Will not fracture or shatter
  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable L/R handed

Right-Handed Ballistic Clipboard
for the Right-Handed User

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Product: Ballistic Clipboard
Price: $150 each

For volume pricing on a purchase of 6 or more, please call us directly. 216.906.2577

Domestic Shipping:
• 1-2: $9.00
• 3-5: $13.00
Shipping to Canada:
• 1-2: $18.00
• 3-5: $22.00

Call us on purchase of 6 or more for pricing and shipping rate.

*NOTICE* Before attempting to place an order, please call 216-906-2577 for availability information.

Are you right-handed or left-handed?